The Law

6th category. White weapons;

Paragraph 1. - All objects likely to constitute a dangerous weapon for the public security, and in particular the bayonets, sabres bayonets, daggers, knife-daggers, bludgeons, breakage head, canes with swords, canes leaded and shoed, except those which are shoed only with one end, crossbows, Japanese plagues, stars of jets, American blows of fist, catapult of competition, projectors hypodermic.

Paragraph 2. - Generators of stun or lachrymatory aerosols classified in this category by joint decree of the ministers of defense and the interior and the ministers in charge of industry and the customs.

The weapons indicated by name of the 6th category cannot be acquired and held by minors that if they have more than sixteen years, if they are authorized by the person exerting the parental authority and if they satisfy moreover the one of the following conditions when they are weapons 5th, 6th or 7th category;

  a) To be titular licence to drive out,

  b) To be titular of a licence of a sporting federation having received, in accordance with article 17 of the law of July 16, 1984 referred to above, delegation of the minister in charge of the sports for the practice of the shooting, the shooting-trap or the white weapons. These weapons, elements of weapon, ammunition or elements of ammunition can be yielded to minors only under the same conditions.

The sale of these weapons, elements of weapon, ammunition or elements of ammunition to the minors of less than sixteen years is prohibited.

Are prohibited:

  - the port of the weapons and ammunition of 1st and 4th category, the weapons of fist of 7th and 8th category, the weapons of 6th category indicated by name like, without legitimate reason, the port of the others weapons of the 6th category;

  - transport without legitimate reason for the weapons and ammunition of 1st and 4th category, the weapons of 6th category and the weapons of fist of 7th category.

Interdict without legitimate reason, i.e. :

- Transport out of bag of the residence instead of drive by the most direct route.

- No use elsewhere than in a place deprived with authorization of the owner (sports hall, gymnasium, dojo...).

Formal interdicts:

Any response related with Tonfa to vital zones, except in the event of peremptory necessity for self-defence, in accordance with article 122-5 subparagraph 1 of the penal code.

1 -Les formal interdicts, front view:

The head, the area précordiale, the zones costales and ventral, visceral and abdominal parts (liver, misses, stomach), genital zones.

2 -Les formal interdicts, sight of back:

The head, the spinal column, the dorsal zones costales, dorsal visceral parts (liver, misses).

Tonfa is a classified weapon 6éme category. Its port is interdict without administrative authorisation, and its transport is regulated and cannot be done without legitimate reason.

The licence delivered by a sporting federation is worth transporting legitimate transport document for the people of the weapons of the 6th category, for the weapons used in practice of the concerning sport known as federation.

The civils servant and servants are authorized to carry, in the exercise or at the time of their functions, the weapons of 6th category which they hold under regular conditions.